Alto Mouthpieces

MACSAX Classical Alto H

When we set out to design our new MACSAX Classical Alto H mouthpiece we set out with two primary goals:

  • to make an easy to play mouthpiece that helps the player create a beautiful sound,
  • that is high quality and consistent from piece to piece.

The MACSAX Classical Alto H has a medium dark sound that is easy to play. It is very responsive in the low register and clear in the upper register. Intonation is consistent across the entire range of the horn.

Each MACSAX Classical Alto H is made from a solid rod of German Ebonite (hard rubber) which is CNC milled using proprietary CNC tool paths engineered by MACSAX to create a very consistent and high quality mouthpiece. Unlike certain other classical saxophone mouthpieces, which can vary in quality and playability from piece to piece, the MACSAX Classical Alto H are incredibly consistent eliminating the need to hunt through multiple mouthpieces to find a good one. 

Band Directors and Private Lesson teachers, we are happy to provide you with an evaluation mouthpiece to determine whether you would like to recommend this mouthpiece to your students. To obtain an evaluation mouthpiece, please contact us at