Artist Signature Series

MACSAX Bob Sheppard Signature Series Alto Marbled Hard Rubber

The Bob Sheppard Signature Series Alto mouthpiece was designed by Eric Falcon for and in collaboration with international woodwind artist Bob Sheppard. In order to meet Bobs artistic requirements Eric developed a mouthpiece with a wide dynamic range with strong projection while maintaining a rich and colorful sound. The sound is deeply rooted in the classic jazz alto saxophone sound.

This mouthpiece has a medium-large chamber with a baffle that flows seamlessly into the floor.

Each Bob Sheppard Signature Series alto mouthpiece is CNC machined in house using state of the art machines and hand finished by Eric Falcon in the critical areas including the tip rail, baffle, table and facing. This combination of precision CNC technology and hand finishing results in a mouthpiece which has unmatched playing capabilities.



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