MAC 8 Alto Vintage Bare Brass with Matte silver keys


  • Range:  B-Flat to F-Sharp
  • Level:  Professional Class
  • Material:  Ribbed Construction; Annealed Brass
  • Finishes:
    • Rose Brass (including Benchmark service): 
      • EF Finish (vintage bare with matte silver lacquer key/neck)
    • Engravings:  Hand engraved Bell, Bow, Body, and Neck
    • Mouthpiece, Cap, Ligature:  Included
    • Neck:  Custom MACSAX neck with increased bore
    • Keys:  Professional Grade, brass power forged
    • Auxiliary Keys:  Front F, High F Sharp
    • Key Touches:  Genuine Mother of Pearl White 
    • Bell:  Oversized Bell for huge low end projection
    • Spring Type:  Blue Steel Springs
    • Pad Type:  Professional Grade Italian Pisoni Pads & Cork
    • Resonators:  Brass with nickel plating
    • Thumb Hook:  Metal, adjustable.