The design goal for the MACSAX FJII Alto was to create a mouthpiece reminiscent of the classic blue note era alto sound but has a wider harmonic spectrum with a high level of efficiency and a richer harmonic pallet. This mouthpiece has a well defined core with a rich harmonic balance. Players will find this mouthpiece has a reduced resistance when compared to a more traditional mouthpiece design. The result is a mouthpiece that is easy to play while retaining the ability for a more personal sound.

This mouthpiece would be ideal for players looking for a mouthpiece capable of a wide range of playing including jazz, pit orchestra, and commercial performance.

Each MACSAX FJII Alto mouthpiece is CNC machined in house using state of the art machines and hand finished by Eric Falcon in the critical areas including the tip rail, baffle, table and facing. This combination of precision CNC technology and hand finishing results in a mouthpiece which has unmatched playing capabilities.

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