Classical Alto

Castilleja Classical Alto Mouthpiece

The MACSAX Castilleja Classical Alto Mouthpiece stands out in the crowd just as the Indian Paintbrush wild flowers pop out of the array of wildflowers seen in the Texas Hill Country. This mouthpiece will bring out all of the brilliant colors you ever wanted in classical mouthpiece, allowing you to soar over any ensemble and effortlessly fill the hall with sound. You can feel the vibrant response from the mouthpiece as you play, for the energy that resonates through your body gives you the confidence you need to play any piece of music. While this mouthpiece is more brilliant than the Bluebonnet, its agility is priceless. 

Material: German Ebonite Rod

Tip Opening: .062"

Facing Curve: Medium-Short

This mouthpiece does not include a ligature.

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