Lotus Classical Alto Mouthpiece with Copper Ring

Immerse yourself in the art of precision and tonal clarity with the MACSAX Lotus. Crafted meticulously from premium Marbled German hard rubber, the Lotus ensures longevity, maintaining its superb quality and performance. The addition of a Copper ring makes the mouthpiece particularly resonant.

Employing advanced CNC machining, the Lotus guarantees exceptional uniformity and accuracy, offering musicians a dependable, high-quality experience. Its round chamber and medium-long facing curve produce a responsive, free-blowing experience, delivering a sound rich in warmth and clarity.

Resulting from a partnership with the renowned Dr. James Bunte, the Lotus perfectly encapsulates the essence of a classical alto saxophone sound. The MACSAX Lotus is not just a mouthpiece; it's an instrument that transforms your breath into an enchanting melody. Let the MACSAX Lotus help your music truly resonate.


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