Opuntia Classical Alto Mouthpiece

When it comes to classical alto mouthpieces, most people probably don't think of metal mouthpieces. At MACSAX, we wanted to change that.

The Opuntia is designed with soloists and larger ensemble players in mind. We designed the Opuntia to have all the same great qualities of the award winning MACSAX Castilleja mouthpiece; freeblowing, responsive, and a nice warmth to the sound but with more projection. The Opuntia has a greater dynamic range than the Castilleja and has a more brilliant sound that still retains the warmth desired by Classical saxophone performers.

The MACSAX Opuntia is made in the USA from gold plated CNC machined brass with a German hard rubber bite plate.

Tip opening: .062"

Facing Curve: Medium-Short

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